Q. Why this women party. Where from you derived the idea.
A. Because women are being cheated and are subject to field work only without giving them opportunity of decision making in the organization and exposure to election contesting. We thought of the forming this party due to above reasons and after reading the Beijing Declaration on Women in 1995 and UN Declaration on Women’s Right. When women gathered in Beijing in September 1995, the year of the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the United Nations, Women's empowerment and their full participation on the basis of equality in all spheres of society, including participation in the decision-making process and access to power, are fundamental for the achievement of equality, development and peace; Women's rights are human rights.

Q. What is basis of forming a party which is exclusively for women.
A. The women are more than 50% of the population in India and entire world, who care for them exclusively, only women can care for themselves as they know their problems well and if they are united in one platform and party only then they will be able to share the power to redress their grievances.

Q. Are you going for the contest of Election for Delhi Assembly.
A. Yes we are planning to do so, we have started the political training of the aspirant women so that they might not repeat the same thing, same mistakes as other parties are doing. Chanakya had said “Learn from the mistake of others, you can't live long enough to make them all yourselves.”

Q. How many seats you have planned to contest Election in Delhi.
A. All the 70 seats we are going to contest for the Delhi Assembly.

Q. Which states you have covered and set-up party organization.
A. We are under process of setting up state party organ/organization we have received tremendous support in this matter.

Q. Do you plan to contest election in other States.
A. Yes, in all states where ever the Election would be announced.

Q. Who are your founder members of the organization.
A. Ms. NasimBano is the founder & National President of the Party and Ms. Lakshmi Krishnan is the National General Secretary of the Party.

Q. Will you be able to gather support from the group you are representing.
A. Yes, why not we are receiving supports from common women, professionals, house wife as they got the new platform to protect themselves. Also men are supporting gen erously and extensively.

Q. Will you offer the support or seek support from other Party.
A. We are targeting the youth who had been cheated by all the party in the matter of contesting the Election, whatever their position, we have projections 50% of women to vote for candidates who contest the elections.

Q. What is your strength for the success of the party.
A. We have a guarantee of 50% votes from women and the rest will come from the younger generation and like minded generous men.

Q. What is the weakness in your opinion.

Q. What is new in this party which will attract the women.
A. Because we are offering them the power to share and decision making process and support by party organization for betterment, safety, security and peace.

Q. What is good or special in this party.
A. The party is the first in India, Asia and second in the world. Further it is the only women party which is going to contest elections independently on their own.

Q. What is the message for the masses.
A. We are for the safety, security and peace for the country.

Q. What is the charter for your Party.
A. To organize women in one platform.To provide them opportunity to share power equally with men.To provide safety, security, peace and betterment of the society. To improve quality of life to the farmer and poor.To improve system, process, management, administration and legal process for the betterment and justice.