Good Morning everyone, I am Adv. Abhilasha Chahalia. I offer my sincere thanks on behalf of my Party to the Organizers who gave us the opportunity to express our concern on the people centric issues and about the Cause, Movement called ALL INDIA WOMEN UNITED PARTY. I am here with Party President Mrs. Nasim Bano Khan.

We firmly believe that women rights are Human Right. An important area where women have not been properly represented is in the political system. Our Women Party has been established with a view to represent the citizen’s most neglected sector that is women who constitute approximately 50% of the population in the society. Our Party believes in a polity that ensures decentralization of economic and political power. Our Party endorses the Beijing Declaration on Women’s Right which is also UN Declaration, granting equal rights on all decision making process including political system. In a democratic political system the power rests with the people, but half part of the population, known as better half has been ignored since dawn of the civilization. The time has come for the women to change the game of politics which has been reserved for the Men only since the emergence of society. It is a party of the women, for the women, by the women. Our party is talking about the problems faced by men equally, be it labourer, farmer, worker or middle class persons as better half, women also face all the same with men equally.

We shall also discuss here the most people centric issues of the contract labour system adopted by the Governments so as to evade the social responsibility of the workers either white colour or blue colour, they are equally exploited by the Government. Further the problems faced by the Farmers of Delhi who are running from pillar to post to get justice against the Government and Land Acquisition Department who grabbed their land in the name of Land Acquisition for the last 50 years, their second generations are fighting the legal battle, now what they get is the piece of paper in the name of judgment without any solutions under section 24/2 of new Land Acquisition Act 2013.

We demand from this platform that the Union Government and the concerned Department must facilitate, either return the possession of land to the farmers or proper compensation be actually paid to them in their account using the process of digital India and much famed Adhaar card without hassle, since the entire Land Acquired and Notified under section 4-6 of the Land Acquisition Act 1894 has been grabbed by the builders, urbanized and no action was taken by the DDA and other Government Agencies who are accountable for the same.

There are other issues and problems on matrimonial matter, we expect the Government will prevail to solve the problems of illegal Talaq.

We thank you all for listening the people’s problem with patience. Jai Hind.