1. As per the Party’s Rule the candidates will be available within prescribed hours to the public either at the office/home or through phone/ whatsapp etc., for the hearing, grievance redressal, after the election.

2. Pollution in Delhi has been at worst level, the main entry point of Delhi from North, that is GT Karnal Road and entry from East that is Ghaziabad/ Lucknow Road is the dumping ground for entire Delhi waste, no effective waste management for Delhi, Party will take care and implement modern waste management system.

3. In a democratic system elected persons are people’s representative, they must not have the fear from public, if they fear, they must be recalled by the public, therefore the expenditure on Z’ Category Security are total waste expenses of public fund and tax payers are burdened for the same.

4. Agriculture and Farmers will be protected from the clutches of Corporate Houses and foreign companies. Agriculture products must be sold direct in the Malls, space provided by the Government, Farmers will be members of all Malls to display their products.

5. Education will be the most important for the Party’ Agenda, for the Girls education.

6. The Party will not promote the idea of any type of reservation and favour any type of reservation, only talent will be favoured.

7. Candidate must learn the local problems and look into the public complaint, it the prime duty of the Candidate s and the prime rule of the Manifesto of the candidate.

8. The Party’s Manifesto will be broader but local problems will be addressed by the candidate after winning the election, so as to provide proper attention.

9. The women are the home makers and basis of the home making, so is the homeland, let them get their power and power share through election and our Party will provide platform to look into the public grievances.

10. Most of the Budget funds go waste and budget is merely utilised and Our Party will ensure the correct right and expenditure with accurate direction for the expenses.

11. Social security is the prime consideration for our Party,those who pay Income Tax life time from salary/business must get proper returns in terms of social security like shelter, free travel all India by Rail/Road, free medical and sustenance/pension for the rest of their life.

12. The Party is not in favour of the hoardings, banners, posters and misuse of walls polluting the city and or the use of force, gatherings, large meetings but use the way of personal and digital contacts, this has been mandatory for the candidates.

13. Our Party has advised the candidates not use money and show the money power to attract the voters. It has been made mandatory for the candidates to keep the expenses lower than the limit prescribed as the banners, posters and hoardings are not permissible.

14. The Party candidates are not allowed to throw any allegation to anyone or use the way of mudslinging for their benefits and or character assassination.

15. The Party candidate will only speak about Party’s programs, agenda and awareness about the Cause that is need of the day, can speak about the policy matters etc.,