TEAM Of Commonwealth Champions being felicitated by All India Woman United Party - at Sports club of India . 26 Sept. 2017, time: 3.30 to 6 pm


Held at POTCHEFSTROOM ,SOUTH AFRICA from 10-17 Sept 2017 ,TEAM RDX created history ,where all the team members performed extremely well. Coached under the able guidance of Mr NEERAJ CHAWLA,the team comprising of 5 members Participated in the aforesaid championship .

Mr Praveen Sharma won GOLD MEDAL in the ASIAN BENCHPRESS CHAMPIONSHIP ,held at PHILLIPINES. He Participated in M3 CATEGORY.

The women power was in full force where all the three females of the group gave their best .

JINNIE GOGIA CHUGH – M1,bagged a gold medal each in EQUIPPED BENCH PRESS,AND EQUIPPED POWERLIFTING. She also got a gold medal each in all the three individual events- BENCH PRESS,DEADLIFT and SQUAT.Not only this,she also was given the certificate for the 2nd best and the third best lifter in MASTERS CATEGORY ,in the overall championship.ITI SEHGAL – a business woman ,who recently started her career in powerlifting ,bagged ASILVER MEDAL in Equipped bench and BRONZE MEDAL in overall powerlifting.

HUDABIA KHAN- A financial consultant from EY ,also bagged A SILVER in EQUIPPED BENCH ,and a BRONZE MEDAL in RAW POWERLIFTING.The star of the championship was Mr NEERAJ CHAWLA,a proud coach to the winning team ,he was also a competitor in the M1 category. His achievements in the championship have made him shine ,not only amongst Indians but all the other participating countries clearly making him the shining star of the COMMONWEALTH CHAMPIONSHIP.

NEERAJ CHAWAL bagged – GOLD in EQUIPPED BENCH PRESS ,GOLD IN POWERLIFTING,GOLD MEDAL IN RAW POWERLIFTING and SILVER in RAW BENCHPRESS.He also bagged individual medals in each of the categories that he performed.Moreover he was awarded as the BEST LIFTER of the championship.This is a proud moment indeed where his phenomenal win created history .

The epic win has been celebrated and was the talk of the championship throughout.

The team ,mentored by him displayed camaraderie and were supporting each other from pillar to post. The team gained extreme popularity owing to their team spirit and also the encouragement and support they rendered to each other. Says a very proud NEERAJ CHAWLA

“It is indeed a very happy and proud moment for me ,as I have not only achieved for myself but my team has done stupendously well.All the effort that was put in was worth it and stands so true at the current moment extremely passionate about powerlifting and always encourage people to compete at an international level.Initially when I had started ,and the team was formed,I was extremely apprehensive, as most of the team members were new to the sport of powerlifting .Little did I know that the team will not only give their best but will outshine everyone else and emerge as the best team of the championship.”

The team is much enthused and celebrating their phenomenal victory and this is no mean feat. The team members adhered to the strenuous training while trying to give their best in their respective categories.The mentor today stands proud as his efforts today have been more than fruitful.

Currently with the RDX CHAIN OF GYMS,NeerajChawla will now also start preparing teams for powerlifting championships at the international level.The team is being felicitated and honoured for their unique and great achievement.

Her Highness Ms NaseemBano was the chief guest of the day , and greet all the winners .

The event was organised by All India Woman United Party.